The MaxCyte VLx Scalable Transfection System is a bench-top, easy-to-use instrument specifically designed for extremely large volume cell-engineering. Using proprietary Flow Electroporation™ Technology, the MaxCyte VLx can transfect up to 200 billion cells in less than 30 minutes – 10x the capacity of the MaxCyte STx®. This cGMP-compliant system offers a clear regulatory pathway and is ideal for the rapid production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors, vaccines and VLPs from R&D through cGMP pilots and commercial manufacturing.

  • Cell viabilities >90% for commonly used cell types
  • Transfection efficiencies >90%
  • Computer-controlled system for day-to-day and user-to-user consistency
  • Engineer cell lines commonly used for protein and viral vector production
  • Single animal component-free electroporation buffer for all cell types
  • Pre-loaded library of validated, cell specific protocols for plug-and-play transfection
  • Seamless migration from the MaxCyte STx that requires no re-optimization
  • 5 x 106 to 7 x 108 cells in seconds
  • Up to 2 x 1011 cells in <30 minutes
Regulatory Pathway
  • Sterile, single use processing assemblies
  • Closed, cGMP-compliant, ISO-certified and CE-marked instruments
  • Supported by FDA master file


Duplicate sets of 2E10 CHO-S cells were transfected with an hIgG1 expression plasmid (1ug/1×106 cells) via flow EP with the STx or the VLx. Transfected cells were seeded into 1 L cultures at a starting density of 4E6 cells/mL, and fed batch cultures were maintained for 15 days. Secreted protein titers were monitored by ELISA; cells counts and viabilities were measured via trypan blue staining. Error bars denote standard deviations from three replicate shake flasks.