VLxTM – Large-Scale Transfection Solution

True scalability to revolutionize protein production

With over 20 years of experience helping our partners to overcome scientific hurdles, MaxCyte’s unique blend of clinically validated technology and support can advance life-changing therapies from concept to clinic. The ExPERT VLx system delivers unmatched transfection scalability with Flow Electroporation® technology for industry-leading reproducibility, flexibility and ease of use.

Accelerate biotherapeutic development using transient expression to produce multi-gram protein quantities.

  • Scalable – Transfect up to 200 billion cells in a fully closed, single-use system in less than 30 minutes
  • High Performance – Achieve reproducible results, superior transfection efficiency, cell viability and protein expression, even with difficult-to-transfect cell lines
  • Versatile – Bench-scale, modular equipment with automated flow design, intuitive integrated software and user-friendly open architecture

  • Reduce time, cost and risks
  • Obtain grams of proteins in weeks, not months
  • Scale seamlessly from discovery to manufacturing
  • Expedite your transition from development to phase I
  • Accelerate your path to the clinic
Quality & Regulatory Summary:
  • Suitable for 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliant manufacturing
  • FDA master file to reference in drug filings
  • ISO certified and CE marked
Service & Support Package:
  • On-site global support by experienced field applications scientists
  • Installation and operational qualification
  • Annual calibration

VLx Compatible Single use Disposables and Accessories

R-1L Flow Electroporation Processing Assemblies
  • Research Use Only (cGMP coming soon)
  • 0.1 to 1L of concentrated cells
  • Up to 200 billion cells
  • Sterile connectors

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