MaxCyte’s technology was developed for the clinic.

“Using the stable cell line development process took ~10 months to generate about 4–5 mg. With the MaxCyte system, process time was reduced by six months, and almost four times as much of each protein was produced, thereby shortening production time by five to six months. This approach already has led to big savings for our clients and collaborators.”

  • Produce complex antigens, virus like particles (VLPs), and viral vectors in weeks not months
  • Produce diagnostic antibodies for your vaccine avoiding commercial limitations
  • Scale seamlessly from discovery to phase I clinical with a single technology
  • Achieve reproducibility and technology consistency avoiding time consuming re-
    optimization through each phase
  • Transient and stable cell line development strategies can be employed simultaneously
  • MaxCyte is the only electroporation platform with a clear regulatory pathway, saving more
    time as you move into the clinic.
  • High Loading Efficiency
  • High Cell Viability
  • Reproducibility
  • Technology Consistency
  • A Regulatory Pathway
  • Licenses granted to 100+ cell therapy programs, 70+ are licensed for clinical use
  • In-lab scientific expertise

From R&D to Bioproduction

Production of AAV in HEK Cells

‘Proven rapid vaccine production with MaxCyte’s cell engineering transfection technology, saving many months of critical development time to get your vaccine candidate into clinical trials in record time.’

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