Moving bispecific and complex protein therapeutics from the bench to the clinic requires a scalable process that is consistent and reproducible while delivering a biologically active product.  MaxCyte’s delivery platform is a high performance, electroporation-based technology that can rapidly generate milligram to gram quantities of protein in the cell line of choice.

You will learn:

  • How to express quality bi-specific antibodies, bi-specific T cell engaging (BITE) molecules, tribodies, and full IgGs in CHO cells
  • The importance of analyzing protein quality and glycosylation patterns to understand how transiently produced proteins mimic product qualities of stably produced proteins
  • About efficiently producing other difficult macromolecules, including viral vectors and multi-subunit drug targets, such as ion channels
  • How transient transfection using MaxCyte’s Flow Electroporation™ can delay or eliminate stable cell line generation while maintaining the integrity of candidate selection during biotherapeutic development

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