Research, Development and Production Applications

ExPERT PAs ‘Processing Assemblies’ for R&D and non-GMP production provide the small scale and increased throughput required for early stage discovery and research applications that allow for seamless scale-up to bioreactor volumes for protein, antibody, VLP, and virus production.

Explore ExPERT RUO PAs

OC Classic

Volumes: 15 µL – 400 µL
Cells: 75K – 80M

Next Gen

Volumes: 45 uL – 1 mL
Cells: 225K – 200M

Closed Chamber

Volumes: 1 mL – 3.5 mL
Cells: 5M – 700M

Flow Electroporation

Volumes: 10 mL – 100 mL
Cells: 50M – 200 Billion