Research, Development and Production Applications

Closed Chamber PA

  • Closed chamber with luer locking syringe port
  • Mid-range production scale
  • Made of high grade and inert materials to protect precious cells

Closed Chamber PAs work with: ExPERT STx and ATx, STX and ATX Instruments

Configuration: Single-well closed chamber
Cell Range: 5 million to 700 million cells
Volume Range: 1 mL – 3.5 mL working volume
Use: Research Use Only

Graph Details: HEK 293 cells were suspended in MaxCyte Electroporation Buffer at a density of 1e8/mL with pGFP at 200 ug/mL to make a master mix. 400 uL of master mix was loaded into the OC-400, 1 mL was loaded into one CL-1.1 and 3.5 mL was loaded into a second CL-1.1. Transfection was performed using the MaxCyte HEK electroporation protocol for all 3 PAs. Cells were plated at 3 different plating densities post-transfection and then were analyzed for expression on a flow cytometer after 48 hours.

Catalog Number: SCL-1
Contents: 1 CL-1.1 RUO PA + 100 mL Electroporation Buffer