From Concept to Clinic with One Line of Consumables

ExPERT Processing Assemblies consumables provide researchers, production scientists, and GMP facilities with the high performance vehicle in which to transfect cells to achieve the required levels of efficiency, viability and consistency to reach project goals and milestones as quickly as possible. The principles of ExPERT PA design and quality standards provide significant benefits, which include:

‘Do No Harm’

Meticulously engineered with the highest quality medical-grade materials that meet MaxCyte’s number one guiding principle of ‘Do No Harm’. This high-bar in consumable engineering provides products that protects precious cells during the electroporation process in order to meet MaxCyte’s established reputation for maintaining exceptionally high cell viabilities.

Consistency at Scale

Move easily from a scale of 75K cells up to 20 Billion cells using consistent transfection conditions, saving considerable amounts of time and resources by avoiding costly re-optimization to help advance your project or clinical milestone more rapidly.

Adaptable & Simple

Simple adaptability allows for quick integration with both upstream and downstream processes. With an easy to use design in the low to mid-scale volume PAs (<200M cells) up to the closed system compatibility of the larger PAs (100M – 20B cells), ExPERT PAs can fit easily into a variety of established state-of-the-art processes and workflows.

Propelling Your Research to the Clinic

Take your initial small scale research experiments into late stage clinical development or into the clinic using the same consumables. With excellent in-lab support available through MaxCyte’s Field Applications Team and backed-up by cGMP quality standards and a Masterfile at the US FDA and similar regulatory agencies globally, will ensure your transfection technology will not slow your path to the clinic.

Processing Assemblies Scales & Available Formats

Sample Volumes* Cell Numbers* Formats Available
15 µL – 25 µL 75K cells to 5 million cells 3 well PA
45 µL – 55 µL 225K to 10 million cells 3 well and 8 well PAs
50 µL – 100 µL 250K cells to 20 million cells 1 well and 2 well PAs
200 µL – 400 µL 1 million to 80 million cells 1 well PA
400 µL – 1 mL 2 million to 200 million cells 1 well PA
1 mL – 3.5 mL 5 million to 700 million cells 1 well, closed PA
5 mL – 20 mL 200 million to 4 billion cells Flow EP closed bag system
10 mL – 100 mL 50 million to 20 billion cells Flow EP closed bag system
100 mL – 1000 mL 10 billion to 200 billion cells Flow EP VLX PA System
Calculations for lower limits based on a cell concentration of 1e7/mL and for the upper limit 2e8/mL
*Cell numbers and volumes are for a single well

Scalability with a Range of Processing Assemblies

Feature OC-25×3 R-50×3 R-50×8 OC-100×2 OC-100 OC-400 R-/G-1000 CL-1.1 R-/G-20k CL-2
PA Type
Well Type
High Vol. 25 µL 55 µL 55 µL 100 µL 100 µL 400 µL 1 mL 3.5 mL 20 mL 100 mL
Low Vol. 15 µL 45 µL 45 µL 50 µL 50 µL 200 µL 400 µL 1 mL 5 mL 10 mL
# Samples 3 3 8 2 1 1 1 1 1 1
High Cell 5×106 1.1×107 1.1×107 2×107 2×107 8×107 2×108 7×108 4×109 2×1010
Low Cell 7.5×104 2.25×105 2.25×105 2.5×105 2.5×105 1×106 2×106 5×106 2×108 5×107

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