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Genome Engineering

Description: Genome Engineering has tremendous potential as a therapeutic tool for treating human diseases. However, prolonged expression of the nuclease and gRNA from viral vectors in an in vivo context may cause unwanted off-target activity and immunogenicity. To overcome these safety issues, the MaxCyte system was developed for transient delivery of gene editors.

The MaxCyte platform can enable efficient & scalable genome engineering for knockouts, knockins, deletions, utilizing tools such as:
  • CRISPR/Cas9
  • Zinc Fingers
  • Base Editors
  • Prime Editors
  • Novel Nucleases

Protein Production

Description: Our platforms can be leveraged for applications such as antibody production, cell line development, and recombinant protein production.

This includes:
  • High Performance CHO & HEK293 transfection allows transient production in a manufacturing cell background
  • Gram-Scale production sufficient for later stage development
  • MaxCyte’s technology shortens timeline of stable pool & cell line generation
  • High performance produces faster cell recovery and allows strong selection pressure

Cell Therapy Production

MaxCyte’s clinically validated, scalable electroporation system can be used in the pre-clinical and clinical scale engineering of cell therapy products. It’s a flexible technology platform that can enable the next-generation non-viral CAR T therapies autologous, and allogeneic, off-the-shelf modalities with the potential for enhanced effectiveness for refractory cancer.

This includes applications such as:
  • Using a mesothelin specific CARmRNA
  • Enhancement of NK cell cytotoxicities against B cell malignancies using an antiCD19 CAR mRNA
  • Transposon (Piggybac and Sleeping Beauty) based gene delivery for manufacture of CAR-T cells
  • Gene editing of T cells for improving the efficacy of a TCR immunotherapy

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