Gaithersburg, MD, September 15, 2015  – MaxCyte®, Inc., the pioneer in scalable, high-performance cell transfection systems, announces the appointment of Chayon Laboratories as the exclusive authorized distributor of the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System and the MaxCyte VLX® Large Scale Transfection System in Korea.


“There has been significant interest and demand for the MaxCyte platform in Korea for drug discovery and protein expression applications.” stated Karen Donato, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at MaxCyte. “MaxCyte is pleased to announce the appointment of Chayon Laboratories to expand the reach of our transfection technology in this important and growing market. With an extensive track record of sales and support, Chayon Laboratories will provide a vital link between MaxCyte and this market.”


Chayon, with offices in Seoul and Daejeon, Korea, distributes to the genomics, protein research, HTS & HCS, cell imaging and analysis, and preclinical animal imaging markets throughout Korea. In addition, Chayon has its own laboratory for demonstrations, support, workshops, and troubleshooting.


Contact information for Chayon can be found on the MaxCyte website.


About MaxCyte

MaxCyte specializes in cell modification technologies to enable the discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery of innovative therapeutic products. Drawing on its cell therapy expertise, MaxCyte designed a portfolio of products including the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System and MaxCyte VLX® Large Scale Transfection System, ideal tools for use in drug discovery research and screening and protein production environments. These products provide for the rapid development and consistent production of billions of (co)transfected primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines for protein and antibody production, for rapid response vaccine development, and for cell-based assays with comparable results and Seamless Scalability™ from the bench to HTS and pilot and production scale.

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