Large Scale, CHO Transient Transfection and Rapid Generation of CHO Stable Clones: >1 gram/Liter Antibody Titers Within 2 Weeks and High Yield Stable Clones in Under 8 Weeks.

Flow electroporation greatly shortens the timeline of antibody development by enabling large scale transient gene expression (TGE) directly within CHO cells and eliminating the need to use HEK-based expression systems as a surrogate.  MaxCyte Scalable Transfection Systems provide a universal means of fully scalable, highly efficient transient transfection for the rapid production of multi-gram quantities of antibodies without the need for specialized reagents, expression vectors, or engineered CHO cell lines.  Additionally, this single transfection technology can be harnessed to rapidly generate stable CHO clones, thus bridging the gap between early and late stage antibody development activities.

In this webinar, data and case studies will be presented demonstrating the reproducibility, scalability, and antibody production capabilities of MaxCyte electroporation including comparative data of MaxCyte electroporation and PEI transfection.  Using the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System, secreted antibody titers routinely exceed 400 mg/L and can exceed 1 gram/L following optimization, enabling multi-gram antibody production from a single, CHO cell transfection.  In addition, data will be presented showing the use of MaxCyte electroporation for the rapid generation of high-yield stable CHO cell lines generating titers >3 g/L within 6-8 weeks of transfection using a simple selection protocol.

Learning Objectives:

  • outperform chemical means of transient CHO transfection
  • transfect from 5E5 cells in seconds to 2E11 cells in <30 minutes
  • produce antibody titers >400mg/L with potential to exceed 1 gram/L with optimization
  • generate high yield stable cell clones within 6-8 weeks of transfection
  • shorten the timeline for development of biotherapeutics

Discussions lead by:

Hua Tu, Ph.D.
CEO, LakePharma, Inc.

Peer Heine, Ph.D.
Application Scientist, MaxCyte, Inc.

Karen Donato, Ph.D.
EVP, Global Business Development & Marketing, MaxCyte, Inc.

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