November 1, 2015 – EST

To reduce early stage development costs and lower late-stage attrition rates, many biopharmaceutical companies are using transient gene expression (TGE) rather than stable cell lines in their preclinical work. The MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System is designed to cost-effectively produce multiple grams of antibodies, bispecifics, and other recombinant proteins following a single transient transfection. In this webinar, data will be presented demonstrating the ability of the MaxCyte STX to produce antibody titers up to 2.7 g/L in CHO cells, enough to run multiple studies (mechanistic studies, formulation development and stability, large animal PK&PD, downstream process & purification development, structural analysis & crystallography, etc.) in parallel. Data from a comprehensive protein analysis (VCD, protein quantitation, SDS-PAGE, and N-glycan) on proteins from CHOZN® cells transfected on the MaxCyte STX and produced stably will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a familiarity with scalable flow electroporation
  • Learn how to generate large quantities of protein quickly in CHO cells
  • Understand data comparing protein quality in transiently and stably transfected CHO cells
  • Explore how far in the preclinical process transiently produced protein can be used

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