MaxCyte to present webinar with Cambridge Health Institute


Gaithersburg, MD, May 13, 2014  – MaxCyte, Inc., the pioneer in scalable, high-performance cell transfection systems, is presenting a free webinar on May 14, 2014 with Cambridge Health Institute. The webinar, Accelerating Product Development: From Transient Transfection to Stable Pools and Stable Clones, will be presented by James Brady, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Technical Applications, MaxCyte, Inc.; Jérôme Courtête, Ph.D., Head of Protein Production and Purification Group, Valneva, Inc.; and Audrey Angel, MSc., Research and Development Engineer, Valneva, Inc.


The webinar will highlight the MaxCyte flow electroporation platform, which provides a universal means of fully scalable, highly efficient transient transfection for rapid high-titer antibody production in CHO cells, often >1 gram/Liter with optimization. Having adequate quantities of antibodies earlier for characterization and proof of concept studies can accelerate and improve candidate selection. Additionally, the platform can also be used to produce other proteins and works with a variety of other cell types like HEK, Vero, CAP-T®, insect cells, primary cells, stem cells, and other difficult-to-transfect cells. The same technology can also generate transfected cells with high viability and transfection efficiency for stable pools and for the selection and rapid generation of high-yield stable clones, thus bridging the gap between earlyand late-stage antibody development activities.


Viewers of the webinar will:

  • Gain a familiarity with scalable flow transfection
  • Learn how to generate large quantities of protein quickly
  • Discover how to accelerate product development
  • Understand the difference between electroporation as a consistent, reproducible transfection method compared with chemical methods
  • Learn how to rapidly obtain high expression with difficult-to-express proteins


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About MaxCyte

MaxCyte specializes in cell modification technologies to enable the discovery, development, manufacturing, and delivery of innovative therapeutic products. Drawing on its cell therapy expertise, MaxCyte designed a portfolio of products including the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System and MaxCyte VLX® Large Scale Transfection System, ideal tools for use in drug discovery research and screening and protein production environments. These products provide for the rapid development and consistent production of billions of (co)transfected primary cells, stem cells, and cell lines for protein and antibody production, for rapid response vaccine development, and for cell-based assays with comparable results and Seamless Scalability™ from the bench to HTS and pilot and production scale.

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